Friday, 12 September 2014

First Thoughts

Ok then, just tell me why you're reading this? Could you be an avid follower of Robert Burns' poetry and songs, and  hoping to increase your knowledge? If so tough - you won't learn much here! Maybe it's just that the TV is so boring (with back to back soaps and reality shows) that in desperation you've arrived here. Well perhaps my idea for a new show "Strictly Come Try Brain Surgery" would appeal -  the loser always finishes up having a lobotomy administered by the winning contestant - though perhaps not.

The bottom line is that this blog is not so much about thoughts about Robert Burns, as about me imagining how Robert Burns would deal with modern life in 2014. Would, instead of writing "Tae a Haggis" would he be agonising over "Tae a Curry"; Instead of "Tae a Moose" would he be influenced by TV advertising and write "Tae a Meerkat" -they seem far more amusing than mice (Mickey and Minnie excluded) Or would he be so busy chatting to girls on his Aye Phone that he doesn't have enough time to write anything....?

So that's it. If you're still reading this, please return to for the next fascinating instalment. If you're not reading this I might as well stop now......

Oh, by the way if you are an avid follower of Robert Burns you might as well visit my web site It's got to be more interesting than "Strictly Come Try Brain Surgery"

Though maybe not......

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