Monday, 15 September 2014

Tae a Password

It's strange, isn't it how sometimes, fate intervenes. I was about to add a post about "Tae a Meerkat", knowing how many of you, are so keen to hear it - but couldn't sign on  to the blog site - trouble with my login password. I'm sure most of you have faced the same problem - and sadly, it gets much worse as you grow older.

So, just like Robert Burns wrote "Tae  a Mouse" when he disturbed its little nest , as he was working in the field, in 1785, I was inspired by these circumstance, to write "Tae a Password".

Tae a Password

My heart is fu' o' deep forbode
Wee password, you, yestreen, I know'd
But noo forgotten, oh my Goad,
Withoot a doot
If I should get you rang once mair,
I'll be locked oot

On helpline, to some Indian brother
I'll try tae tak' the problem futher
But we'll nae understand each other,
Wi' accents strong
And password-less, I'll start to write,
One mair sad song

Oh wid that God, some day could hand us
Translatin' phones, that some day land  us
A way, so helplines understand us,
God make it soon!
But till that day arrives, ma password,
 I'll write doon

It doesn't quite have the pathos of the original "Tae a Mouse", but you can't have everything - unless you're Simon Cowell

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